Canada’s Trudeau says in talks with Pakistan over Asia Bibi


Ms Bibi spent the last nine years in jail and on death row because of a blasphemy charge, before having her conviction overturned by Pakistan's Supreme Court on 31 October.

Peter Jacob, the executive director for the Center for Social Justice in Lahore, CNN that half of the individuals accused of blasphemy in Pakistan are non-Muslims, adding that his organization registered cases in which anti-Bibi rioters asked travelers to divulge their religion, and if they revealed they were Christian, "They were taken out of their cars and beaten up".

But the mother-of-three has faced calls for her life amid widespread protests after she was acquitted on the 3rd November.

In the letter, addressed to Prime Minister Khan, they say: "We, the undersigned parliamentarians, write to you from many nations including states that provide financial assistance to Pakistan".

Mrs Bibi was convicted of blasphemy in 2010 after allegations she insulted the Prophet Muhammad during a row with a neighbour.

For now, the Christian woman is "hiding in a secret location" but "the good news is that she was able to meet her husband after ten years", the activist said. We are grateful for the more than 230 parliamentarians from different countries and across the political spectrum who have raised their voices in support of, and in solidarity with, Asia Bibi. Picture: Getty Has Pakistan Stopped Asia Bibi Leaving The Country?

In another tweet, he quoted FM Qureshi as saying: "Aasia Bibi is our national and Pakistan fully respects her legal rights".

"The reality is that the government of Pakistan has indicated that they support the Supreme court decision".

Where Is Asia Bibi Now? Among other issues, Asia Bibi was discussed.

Last week, her husband Ashiq Masih called for the United Kingdom to grant the mother and her family refuge amid fears for their safety after the Pakistan Supreme Court overturned her continued detention.

"After all that Asia Bibi has endured, we are alarmed to learn that European governments seem reluctant to grant asylum at this critical hour".

She has since been flown to a "safe place" in the country as several governments have offered to grant her family asylum.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was reported in the Daily Mail as saying "we can not allow the threat of violence to deter us from doing the right thing".

Other countries are thought to have already offered sanctuary, including Canada - where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government as holding talks with Pakistan over the issue.

CNN recently spoke to members of the Christian minority community in Pakistan impacted by Bibi's acquittal.