Cloudflare launches mobile app for its DNS service


Fastest way to experience the Internet: makes the Internet faster by using Cloudflare's global network.

However, it's important to note that while uses a VPN to route your internet traffic to its DNS, it doesn't proxy your internet use as a VPN does.

Mobile device found it hard to switch to before because changing DNS settings isn't as easy on mobile phones as it is on PCs.

Greater privacy: By using a secure connection, makes sure no one can snoop your DNS queries.

Cloudflare seems pretty serious about that. When funneling your DNS through Cloudflare, it makes it more hard for your ISP to know the sites you're visiting.

So is it a VPN app?

The DNS service aims to circumvent censorship and improve privacy while offering better latency than other DNS resolvers.

For privacy, Cloudflare is suggesting that since this is their DNS resolver, they don't plan to track or sell any of the information on you, like your ISP could now try and do from their own DNS. The app will allow mobile users to safely browse the internet by accessing the free DNS service.

Cloudflare's service is a free DNS-resolver which offers privacy and security.

There are a lot of reasons as to why you might want to download the new Cloudflare version on iOS or Android. You know, for science. The app uses its own VPN profile to encrypt your DNS queries, which means you can't use other VPN apps. Once you have done that, your internet connection will start using to connect to the internet, hopefully making it faster and safer. Dubbed as app; the new application can be downloaded from the respective app stores of Android and iOS platforms. However, you can not exclusively rely upon as your main DNS service and other steps would be needed to hide traffic from ISPs like an encrypted VPN. Of course, using as your DNS service won't be enough.