Democrats Take Control Of U.S. House, Republicans Hold On To Senate


Is the world coming to an end?

Democrats have regained control of the House from President Donald Trump's Republican Party in the midterm elections.

Can someone call up Satan and see if Hell has frozen over?

The results came nearly two years after women marched in Washington and cities across the country to oppose the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Yet, riding a tide of anger with the president, the Democrats were able to take control of the House, according to projections, opening the opportunity to block Trump's agenda and open his administration to intense scrutiny.

Chairing the committees - where they are now the highest-ranking Democrats - will give these Democrats the power to demand documents and testimony from White House officials and figures in Trump's campaign team and businesses, and to issue subpoenas if needed. In a tweet Trump said that Pelosi "has earned this great honor" and suggested the Republican party could help her secure the job.

A meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin planned for next week in France has been scrapped. The Tweeter-In-Chief was unusually reserved during the midterms, tweeting "Tremendous success tonight".

"Thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in America". The Republicans maintained control of the Senate with 51 to 45 seats.

"Those that worked with me in this incredible Midterm Election, embracing certain policies and principles, did very well", he also tweeted, writing out of his history book Kris Kobach's lost bid to become governor in Kansas. "Those that did not, say goodbye!" he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Trump says Tuesday's "Big Win" for Republicans was achieved "all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!" Ahhh, that's more like it. "Make it the speaker's problem, make her deal with the nutty wing of her party".

Borick said, "We are seeing a vast increase in the percentage of women that will be within the House of Representatives. Now I'm saying we will win" she told Stephen Colbert during an October 30 appearance on the Late Show, per Deadline. "I still plan to be on the front lines alongside every one of you when it comes to standing up and fighting for what we believe in".

On the whole, Republicans outperformed expectations in the Senate. Stephen, remembering how Hilary was predicted to be the 45th President of the United States, didn't share Nancy's confidence.

To PBS NewsHour's Yamiche Alcindor, who asked him about white nationalists emboldened by Trump labelling himself a "nationalist", Trump said he was insulted.

"If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level".

The next two years will also be a burden on those working within the White House, as legal battle after legal battle is sure to keep them working overtime while the president's fight to build a wall on our southern border or repeal Obamacare seems to be an impossible task starting in January. For his part, Trump has derided her as having an "extraordinarily low IQ". He claimed the opposing party "have gone insane, folks".

It's an open question whether this was a considered strategy, a desperate Hail Mary pass, simply the only place they had to go politically, or just the state of the Republican id in 2018. Considering this statement ignores how the Republican Party acted when President Barack Obama was in office (remember the fifty-plus attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act or how they stole a Supreme Court seat by not confirming Merrick Garland?) it should be taken with a grain of salt.

As polls showed for months that the Democrats were likely to flip the House, covert work began in the West Wing to prepare for a new, more contested chapter of the Trump presidency.

"It's not about Democrats and Republicans at this point", she told volunteers in Pima County.

"Regardless of the result. we believe the two governments and the two peoples all want to maintain the sound and steady development of bilateral relations because we believe it is in the best interests of the worldwide community", Hua said.