Famed movie set incinerated in California fire


The Western Town set at Paramount Ranch was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire to the point that the fictional town is completely unrecognisable.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", "Carnivale" and "Best of the West" used the ranch as a "primary hometown", according to a listing of shows on the recreation area webpage, while most of the others shot scenes or a few episodes there.

It remains to be seen whether the sets will be rebuilt for future production or if the next season of Westworld will feature the town of Escalante. Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, home to some of the iconic sets from HBO's Westworld series, was destroyed by the fire on Friday, but one building stood tall as a symbol of hope amid the destruction.

'Westworld is not now in production, and as the area has been evacuated, we do not yet know the extent of the damage to any structures remaining there'. The popular HBO series also filmed at a church that was built on the ranch. HBO said it did not know the extent of the damage and expressed concern for "all those affected by these disgusting fires".

The town was burned Friday in the California wildfires.

The National Park Service that oversees the famed Paramount Ranch said Friday that the Western Town portion of the facility has burned down. Representatives for HBO told The Hollywood Reporter that they are now waiting to learn how bad the damage to the set is and to find out if any of its sets survived the fire. The property, now part of the National Park Service, was the set for a number of Hollywood productions, including The Lake House and Caught in the Draft, as well as TV shows such as Weeds, The Mentalist, and Quickdraw. The 2,700-acre ranch located between Malibu and the Conejo Valley was purchased by Paramount Sudios in 1927.

The Woolsey fire, which started in Simi Valley near the Rocketdyne facility in the Santa Susana Pass, according to ABC 7, is currently affecting Los Angeles and Ventura counties and is now threatening Malibu.