First Flu Deaths This Season


Every flu season, there are predominant strains of the virus, so medical experts predict which strains will be most active, and they formulate the vaccines in response.

Last flu season, there were 272 flu-related deaths in Iowa.

Public health officials in East Sussex are urging people to get protected before winter kicks in.

Imagine getting one flu shot and having it last you the rest of your life, no boosters needed.

"The Flu vaccine can keep you from getting flu, make flu less severe if you do get it, and keep you from spreading flu to your family and other people, especially newborns and young infants, children, seniors, and persons at risk of complications from the flu".

Darrell Gale, East Sussex Director of Public Health, said: "Flu is a very unpleasant illness and vaccination is particularly important for people at increased risk of the effects of the disease". "The CDC recommends all individuals over the age of six months get a yearly flu vaccine and that is the best protection against the virus".

The mechanics behind how the flu actually contributes to heart failure is unclear, but Arnett said that's not "as relevant as what we already know about preventing influenza".

"You may have a few days after you get your flu shot where you perhaps aren't feeling 100 percent", Han said. "Plus you are limited to what vaccine is offered: standard and high-dose and it is only 20-30 percent effective and yet some people still choose it".

The vaccine is also available to carers of older or disabled people, people with reduced immunity, those who are very overweight, residential care home residents and frontline health and social care staff. The CDC provides vaccine estimates several times throughout the season, and typically early estimates are reported in February and the full season estimates come in June, Ambrose says.

The American Lung Association's "GetMyShot" campaign, which Han and O'Neal are both spokespersons for, has resources aimed at people ages 50 and older about the dangers of the flu and the importance of vaccination.

"I encourage people to not delay, and to get a flu vaccine", Illuzzi says.