Google Chrome To Soon Prevent The Users From Unknowingly Subscribing To Services


"Picture this: Andrea is browsing the web on a mobile connection to access a gaming page and they're presented with a page that asks them for their mobile phone details", a post on the Chromium blog reads.

Have you ever received an invoice for a mobile service you never subscribe to?

Google Chrome 71 will identify such websites and warn users of the possibility of getting duped whenever they try to visit such shady websites or while buying or subscribing to a new service.

Visitors will be offered the choice to proceed anyway after seeing the above warning or go back to the previous page.

There are three guidelines that Google needs developers to follow: -Display billing information.

When at this page, you can view interstitials related to SSL, SafeBrowsing, Captive Portal, and Supervised Users. According to this blog post, starting from December 2018, Chrome 71 will show a warning before these pages. These ads trick users into clicking on them by pretending to be system warnings or "close" buttons that do not actually close the ad. For example, if you're doing online shopping on a reputable retailer such as Taobao or your favourite department store from your Chrome browser on your devices, you won't get any annoying flags.

Billing information should be visible and obvious to users: The charges shouldn't be hidden or displayed in an inexplicably small font. For example, Chrome 70 will have different warning interstitials than Chrome 71. Google will also notify the webmasters when the sites are not meeting the requirements so that they can fix their site and make charges information clear.

Several websites let users pay for visiting their website by entering their phone number into a form - which in turn charges the user by adding the fee to their monthly mobile or telephone bill.

Recall that recently Google Chrome updated to version 69.