IPad Pro bend test confirms what we already know: Tablets are fragile


So, we've done the legwork for you and picked out the very best add-ons for Apple's new iPad Pro. It is not going to be an easy video to watch if you don't like destroying tech. However, we don't think that we've seen such a test getting carried out on a tablet before.

If you are noticing a bend in your iPad Pro, take it into an Apple Store and get some expert advice on whether you can get it replaced as a defective unit. Even if you don't like putting a case on your mobile devices, you might want to buy one after watching how easily the iPad Pro can be bent. After scratching the metal sides, Zack finds that the area where the Apple Pencil latches on to the tablet is made of plastic to allow wireless charging for the Pencil.

But the "highlight" of the video, is the bend test, which happens just before the six and a half minute mark, showing the iPad Pro apparently being bent in half easily.

As The Verge rightly points out, other iPad models can also bend a lot easier than iPhones, so it's not like this is a major discovery. Considering iPad Pro is the most premium iPad offering from Apple boasting a hefty price tag, ample sturdiness tests must be performed and quality materials must be used to make sure that everything goes as per the expectation. Earlier, Filip Koroy of popular YouTube channel EverythingApplePro showed how fragile the new iPad Pros are when dropped from waist height. Then again, these devices aren't supposed to be indestructible, so pay attention to how you treat them.