Jo Johnson: it would be travesty not to have second Brexit vote


Johnson said this morning that other ministers are thinking hard about the Brexit and its implications. "I've done so, if others feel that it's right for them to do so then good on them".

Britain's junior Brexit minister told a German media outlet he was optimistic that Britain and the European Union would reach a Brexit deal soon, adding that he hoped this would happen in the next three weeks.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's brother and Orpington MP underlined that the country will be offered an agreement that will "leave our country economically weakened, with no say in the European Union rules it must follow and years of uncertainty for business", or no deal, "that I know as a transport minister will inflict untold damage on our nation".

The sterling which had traded as high as 1.3072 against the US Dollar slipped to 1.2969 at the NY close and to 0.8742 versus the euro having been as high as 0.8692, just two points above Thursday's six month sterling top of 0.8682. "Saying we have got to draw back from this cliff edge".

Transport minister Jo Johnson has quit the government, calling for the public to have a fresh say on Brexit.

He said it would be a democratic travesty not to go back to the people for another vote.

"Theresa May is in office, but not in power".

"Here is a young politician with everything to gain from staying inside the Government, pursuing his distinguished career, keeping his head down and waiting for events to take their course".

"Well done to Jo Johnson on standing up for what he believes in", she said.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said: "We warmly welcome Jo Johnson's support of the campaign to give the people the final say on the deal and a chance to exit from Brexit". "My priority is really just to do my best as a now backbench MP to try and encourage the country to pause and reflect before we do something that is irrevocably stupid", Johnson said.

But he said a second referendum is "not the way forward and is not supported by the public".