Macron Delivers Rebuke to Nationalism as Trump Looks On


President Paul Kagame is in Paris, France where he is attending the inaugural Peace Forum.

French President Emmanuel Macron who opened the Peace Forum said that the world's stability is threatened by nationalism, racism, antisemitism and extremism, as well as by economic, environmental and migrants-related challenges.

In his speech Macron said "what is important for the future is the way this image will be interpreted": As the "symbol of durable peace between nations" or as "a picture of a last moment of unity before the world goes down in new disorder".

"You have to get the real commitment from the political leaders". Its role as host of the main worldwide commemoration aimed to highlight the message that the world must not stumble into war again, as it did so quickly and catastrophically with the second world war.

During talks with President Trump Saturday President Macron said his remarks had been misinterpreted and that he was merely saying Europe needed to take greater ownership of its own security.

Germany's Angela Merkel echoed the theme at a Peace Forum Macron hosted later in the day, an event that Trump skipped.

"Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism", the French leader said.

The French leader also convened a Paris Peace Forum as part of the weekend's ceremonies, drawing together worldwide organisations and non-profits to discuss how to strengthen global governance.

Asked in late October what he meant when he described himself as a nationalist, Trump cited his love of the country and said it was about putting it first economically.

Paris, the site of repeated militant attacks since 2015, had mobilised some 10,000 police for an event also attended by Canada's Justin Trudeau, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Paris Peace Forum, conceived by Macron, is meant to highlight the importance of worldwide institutions in helping resolve conflicts, avert wars and spread prosperity.

However, the Trumps canceled a planned trip to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, 50 miles outside Paris, on Saturday because of "scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather", the White House said.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly branded himself a "nationalist", despite criticism from some that the term has negative connotations. There has not yet been a reply from the White House to Macron's statements.

President Trump did not respond directly to President Macron's statements, but praised the soldiers of World War 1 in a speech at the Suresnes American Cemetery, on Mont Valérien near Paris.

The relationship between Trump and Macron has soured as the US president has promoted an "America First" foreign policy that has unsettled allies on trade and defense. "It will seem like heaven to me to be once more where there is peace and only peace".

Efforts to have the two sit next to each other at lunch on Sunday came to nothing, when the Elysee Palace changed the seating order, according to a Russian official. But the idea has gained steam since the United Kingdom - always an opponent - voted to leave the European Union, and Mr Trump's election began to sow doubts about USA reliability.

The US leader has said he will also not hold a bilateral meeting with Putin in Paris. That is a model that Moscow believes would dilute the transatlantic alliance.

Yet Trump and Putin did not participate in the processions. More than 60 heads of state and government are in France for the Armistice ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris. "Peace and security in Europe depend on the USA, and he knows that".