Maybe Don't Try to Bend Your iPad Pro Like a Paperclip


The full video includes the taking apart of a second generation Apple Pencil as well as the inscribing of a Spider-Man face in the anodization on the back of the iPad Pro, a sign that the anodization is perhaps not as thick as it could be.

So, if you've purchased the new Apple iPad Pro (or are planning to buy one soon), make sure you take proper care of it.

After all, you can't have light and thin devices with huge surface areas and not expect them to bend.

Well-known YouTube channel JerryRigEverything put the iPad Pro through the various durability tests, a ritual we've seen before for every new flagship mobile device, and especially smartphones.

"A tablet the size of a piece of paper folds like a piece of paper", Nelson says. It's not like anyone's walking around with an iPad Pro in their pocket, right? Like tinfoil wrapped around mashed potatoes'. And it's safe to assume that if the 11-inch bends this way, the 12.9-inch version definitely does too. Of course, all tablets can be bent to a certain degree but the ease with which Zack could bend the iPad Pro's body should raise genuine concerns about Apple sacrificing build quality to shave off a few millimeters. It's unclear at this point why the iPad Pro misses the mark when it comes to toughness and stability, and Apple hasn't released any sort of statement or response in regard to the video. According to Nelson, "the iPad Pro just doesn't have any of that structural integrity stuff". You won't see drastic results in day-to-day use but might consider slapping a case to protect the tablet while giving it a little extra reinforcement. The Apple Pencil, by the way, is even less durable than the tablet.