Monkey kills 12-day-old Indian baby


The incident comes after a child born 12 days ago died on Monday after a monkey snatched it from his mother's lap also in the city's Kachhara area.

"Efforts were made to lure the monkey by offering edibles but it dangled the child in its clutches, jumped on the rooftop and disappeared".

The infant's mother was breastfeeding him at home in the city of Agra when the animal entered the house and grabbed him.

The baby named Sunny was found in a terrace adjacent to his mother, Neha's house and was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

This is the heartbreaking moment a tiny baby monkey can be seen crying over its dead mother's body after she was hit by a vehicle.

"The monkey bit the infant's head and left the baby when people chased it with sticks and threw stones at it".

Agra has been plagued by monkey menace for the past 10 years. "The mother immediately raised cries for help but the creature fled with the baby and disappeared from her view", police officer PC Pradhan said. The baby might have slipped from the clutches of the monkey, and died after falling into the well.

In May, a group of monkeys attacked two foreign tourists at the Taj Mahal.

They also passed a resolution at the meeting, demanding adequate compensation to victims of monkey attacks.

Environmental activist Shravan Kumar said monkeys are turning more aggressive as their natural habitats have been destroyed and forest cover is gradually vanishing and they go in search of food and shelter.

Some local organisations were calling for monkeys to be sterilised and excluded from wildlife protection legislation, he said.