PM Modi Gives Awards To Winning Teams Of 1st India-Singapore Hackathon


The meeting, their fourth since Moon took office previous year, came days after high-level denuclearization negotiations between the United States and the North were abruptly called off last week. Stronger strategic and security relations that are underpinned by equally strong economic ties will create greater inter-dependence between India and the Asean members and serve as an effective counter to China's growing clout in the region.

But progress has generally been slow, with the two countries sparring over the exact meaning of the agreement.

The US said the North axed the talks because they weren't ready, and Trump insisted he was in "no rush". He would hold a bilateral meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence which is scheduled at 10:00 AM today. "But we look forward to finding even more ways we can work together, even as the president [Donald Trump] moves toward another summit with Chairman Kim in the hope that we can finally bring a lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula".

"We don't want to repeat the mistakes that prior administrations, frankly in both political parties, have made over the last several decades where promises are made, sanctions are lifted, economic support comes and then promises are broken".

In a tweet posted Wednesday, Victor Cha, a prominent North Korea expert who co-authored the CSIS report, hit back at Trump's claim that the New York Times report was "fake news" and criticized South Korea's presidential office for advocating North Korea's position.

They had "comprehensive" discussions on the terms and conditions of easing sanctions on the North, he added.

Eight fintech companies from Mumbai will be at the festival, and are looking to conquer other pasty fo the globe, as Sunti Nanda, a Fintech Officer of state-owner Maharashtra Information Technology Corp Ltd (MahaIT), says "Mumbai, as a financial hub, is also a gateway for worldwide fintech companies to enter the Indian market". The cancellation, which the USA ascribed to scheduling issues, followed threats from North Korean officials to resume nuclear and missile testing unless US sanctions are lifted.

The North has rejected demands for what it calls "unilateral" disarmament, and has instead sought unspecified reciprocal United States measures in a gradual process. Numerous ten members of the Association of South East Asian Nations perceive India as a much-needed counterbalance to China, though their leaders are unlikely to say so in public, given the large Chinese presence in the economies of several Asean states.

"He urged ASEAN countries to collaborate on concrete measures such as ship-to-ship transfer of prohibited materials, including fuel", said foreign ministry spokesman Takeshi Osuga. India also has to balance all moves for stronger strategic relations with Asean states with the recent improvement of its ties with China, especially after the nadir represented by the Doklam standoff of previous year.

Taking his place, Pence insisted America's commitment to the region was "steadfast and enduring".

Pence's comments follow a major speech in October in which he flagged a tougher approach by Washington towards Beijing, accusing China of "malign" efforts to undermine US President Donald Trump and reckless military actions in the South China Sea.

Pence spoke of a free and open Indo-Pacific. "There were some discussions on how we should enhance this sort of trade". With Trump absent in Singapore, diplomats and analysts were questioning whether the USA was still a strong partner of Asean nations.

The PM said during the visit, he would also have the opportunity to interact with the participants and winners of the joint India-Singapore Hackathon.