Amazon game streaming service reportedly in the works


A recent report suggests that Amazon is prepared to enter the nascent "stream big-budget games via the cloud" market, and may be ready to debut the service as early as 2020. Though the company hasn't had an easy time in cementing its place in the industry, Amazon's game studio has seemingly given up work on class-based battle royale title, Crucible, while its brawler title, Breakaway, was canceled back in 2018.

Through its Twitch subsidiary, the rapidly growing live video streaming service that focuses on video games, Amazon also oversees a thriving community of passionate gamers, some of whom are enjoying mainstream success and elevated cultural cache. Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most profitable businesses being run by Amazon, is the leader in providing cloud services to individuals and organizations. We tried Google's Project Stream service and found its ease-of-use and convenience to be the future of gaming. The sources that spoke to The Information say that while negotiations are underway, no games or even a firm release date could be confirmed making it hard to corroborate the information with the developers themselves.

Amazon, also in the competition to acquire cloud gaming, remained quiet regarding its ambitions in the market up until Thursday. The Information believes that the service could launch sometime next year, and if that's true, we may hear more about it soon. A streaming service would obviate the need for storage space, since everything is rendered remotely; all you'd need is a strong broadband connection and a modest amount of cache space.

According to some recent rumors, Amazon is indeed working on its own video games streaming platform. In expanding how and where people can play games, Microsoft said in October that it will start testing a cloud gaming offering this year.

These streaming services promise premium video game streaming on low-end tech, meaning users would not have to purchase expensive new consoles in order to play the latest games.