Ex-CEO of Hacienda HealthCare Allegedly Sexually Harassed Staff


A former neighbor of a nurse charged with raping an incapacitated woman who later gave birth at an Arizona care facility says he was a quiet family man.

Eleanora Riggers, who said she worked at the long-term care facility as a respiratory therapist from 2005 to 2016, said Sutherland, who was a licensed practical nurse at the facility, was a good guy and a professional employee.

Sutherland was reportedly responsible for caring for the victim at the time the sexual assault occurred. Sutherland was booked on one count each of sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse.

After the baby was born, police sought to collect DNA samples from all the male employees who had access to the patient.

According to records obtained by the Republic, Sutherland's wife filed for divorce on December 5, about three weeks before the incapacitated woman gave birth.

In response to the governor's tweets, Hacienda HealthCare stated they have agreed to the State of Arizona's "request to have a third-party management team in place to oversee patient care and daily operations". According to the authorities, Sutherland had been a licensed practical nurse at the Hacienda Healthcare in Phoenix, where the woman was admitted, since 2011.

Phoenix Police spokesman Sergeant Tommy Thompson said: "We have no indication that there were other people involved, but again, this is an ongoing investigation". On January 22, that DNA was matched to the baby's, police said.

Even though Riggers still believes Sutherland has the right to go through the judicial process before he is tried in public court, she said she is confident that the DNA match is telling the truth.

PHOTO: Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix.

Earlier stories had described the patient as being comatose or in a vegetative state.

Investigators said Sutherland treated the victim and spent a lot of time with her. While she doesn't speak, she has some mobility in her limbs, head, and neck. He and his sister formed Sleeplessouljaz, a Christian rap group. "[There] you're blessed if you have one bowl of rice a day". Immediately after the surprise birth, police worked to find the person who sexually assaulted her.

"And I think of him as a Ted Bundy, I think he's a sociopath who fooled us all".

According to the articles of incorporation for Life in You Inc., the nonprofit aimed to "show Christ's unconditional love by responding to the spiritual and physical needs" of youth who were homeless, developmentally disabled, behaviorally challenged or orphaned in Phoenix and Maricopa County. "I can tell you that in every facility it's lax at night", Riggers said.

Burr said she would regularly talk to the family and that she lived next to them for five years until Sutherland sold his family's home. He also mentioned that he liked his job as a nurse.