Kingdom Hearts 3 Update Schedule Revealed For The Epilogue and Secret Video


Kingdom Hearts 3 will not have multiplayer. Go behind sora and his friends as they attempt to stop Heartless, an evil force, as they hold over the universe. Director Tetsuya Nomura previously commented that the game's Epilogue and Secret Movie would not be available on the disc, and would instead be added on later. Nevertheless, excitement for this long-awaited conclusion to the Kingdom Hearts story is boiling over and you should make sure you stay away from spoilers on the internet if you're planning to dig in at launch. All we know is that players must have beat the game, seen the ending, and then fulfill some other hidden criteria during the game.

The next patch, arriving on January 26 for Japan and January 30 everywhere else will introduce the game's epilogue.

For those of you who don't play the series, this is generally found in the form of extra/post-game videos that relay the fate of the cast or deal with an epilogue of sorts for the tale.

Square Enix has detailed the Kingdom Hearts 3 launch update plans, and it appears that the game's epilogue is made available upon the game's release. This was followed by another that claims the epilogue and post-credits secret movie to be "additional elements" implying that Kingdom Hearts 3's epilogue isn't core or intrinsic to the game's experience.

Square Enix is also releasing the same three content items for the global version of the game, but on a different time schedule.

January 31: The "secret movie" for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. It can only be accessed by those who meet a "certain criteria", which varies depending on the difficulty level. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you.

Square Enix says both these videos will "enhance our enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts".