Move over Kylie Jenner, Instagram's most-liked photo is now an egg


An egg has successfully dethroned Kylie Jenner as the record holder of the most-liked photo on Instagram.

The Instagram account, world_record_egg has gone one to be the root of many copycat accounts like world_record_chicken that are all vying for the top spot.

Just in case social media hasn't completely given you your fill for the weekend, this should just about do it.

In this case, the goal was to make an ordinary photo of an egg become the most-liked post on Instagram - a record now held by Kylie Jenner's baby announcement photo.

No yolk, a photo of an egg is on track to supplant Kylie Jenner as the most-liked Instagram post of all time.

While she really didn't have to address it, Kylie thought it was really amusing that her biggest competition is an egg!

But the record-breaking egg pic proves that the power of the collective internet is greater than the one of the Kar-Jenners since the original goal of the account owner was just that - to take Kylie's throne from her.

However, Jenner didn't sit back and just let her record get stolen by a random, boring egg without trying to fight back.

As of writing, the egg picture has 21.9 million likes. "Thank you so much for all of your support and messages". - Jenner reposted a video of her cracking an egg, an apparent threat to whoever was behind the campaign to reach that milestone. Only time will tell!