Portland Trail Blazers fans may have been exposed to measles, officials say


It has now led to 19 people suffering from Measles around the Washington State. Although someone suffering from measles had gone for the National Basketball Association game held on January 1, none of the residents of OR was affected by the virus.

Health officials in Clark County as of Wednesday said they had confirmed 23 measles cases since the beginning of the year.

State data shows that 7.9 percent of children in Clark County were exempted in the 2017-18 school year from vaccines required for kindergarten entry, which includes the two-dose course for measles that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says is 97 percent effective. Eighteen of the cases were in children between one and 10 years old. The year before, Minnesota reported 75 cases of measles, mostly in a Somali community where the discredited theory blaming autism on the MMR vaccine had taken hold.

In the Clark County outbreak, people who have contracted the virus have visited community hubs like schools, churches, and doctor's offices, along with a Costco, an Ikea, a Dollar Store and other locations, according to Clark County Public Health.

Clark County Public Health requires exclusion of scholars and workers without documented immunity to measles from exclusively these colleges recognized as attainable publicity websites.

In an update posted to Clark County's website on Tuesday, officials said 18 cases were confirmed in patients ages 1 to 10, while four occurred in patients ages 11 to 18, and one was confirmed in a patient between 19 and 29. Officials have also identified four suspected cases. Only 1.2 percent of the children had a medical dispensation, meaning that almost 7 percent were not immunized for personal or religious reasons.

NY state is also struggling with a sizable measles outbreak.

"Clark County Public Health is urging anyone who has been exposed and believes they have symptoms of measles to call their health care provider prior to visiting the medical office to make a plan that avoids exposing others in the waiting room", the news release said.

Since then the number had continued to grow weekly as unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children and adults were exposed, the department said. His research was debunked, but its impact was long-lasting, and vaccine rates plummeted worldwide, including in Washington state. Orthodox Jewish communities were at the center of a series of outbreaks previous year in NY and New Jersey, after unvaccinated travelers brought the virus back from Israel, which was battling an outbreak.

In 2014, there were 667 cases reported to the agency.

The CDC recommends people get the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to protect against those viruses.

Measles was declared eliminated in the U.S.in 2000, meaning any new cases of the virus on USA soil past that point had originated outside the country and the virus was not able to survive in the US on its own. People can spread measles before they have the characteristic measles rash. This would reduce the chances of healthy people getting infected by the disease. Complications can result in permanent hearing loss, pneumonia and encephalitis.