Resident Evil 2 Remake "1-Shot" Demo Is An Unusual One


How do you solve the lion statue puzzle in the Resident Evil 2 demo? PC players have figured out a hack to reset the timer, and console players are using multiple profiles to get around it. Thus, we have the burgeoning, likely short-lived, idea of speedrunning the thing.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake demo is available until January 31st.

How Big is the Download Size?

If you own a powerful enough PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can download the demo on each and play through it on every machine.

The aptly named "1-Shot Demo" gives players just 30 minutes to complete a mission in Raccoon City. It's been confirmed that you can die in the demo and still continue - the only limitation is that 30 minute clock. You won't be able to play it without an Internet connection. A new trainer lets players stop the time counter, and take advantage of all the cheating tools you might expect from that type of software. The original is more than 20 years old, after all.

Given that this is a free demo, it's tough to call this piracy - but the trainer does come courtesy of a notable crack group, so you're on your own if you want to track down the program. You have unlimited tries and you can't repeat it when you're done. Unless you need to replay the demo a thousand times over heading into the game's launch, there's little reason to seek this one out.

Once you complete the demo, you'll get to view an exclusive new cinematic trailer. Progress does not carry over to the full game, meaning you'll be starting from the very beginning. You can maximize this by creating multiple accounts on the PS4 and Xbox One, too.