Samsung Have Unveiled Their Latest Smart TV & It's Bloody HUGE


Do you remember how you felt when you replaced your heavy tube television with a flat screen?

Could one day, you be the owner of a 219-inch television?

The LG Signature OLED TV R can also be partially rolled out - a mode that shows about 25% of the screen for simple displays like time and weather. "A 55" Samsung is roughly $550 now. But how big is big enough?

The CES Technology Show, where the latest in tech, gadgets and gizmos is unveiled at the start of every year, always brings a few cool surprises every year. That's more than 18 feet!

Called "The Wall", the TV uses a technology called micro LED, which creates a brighter image using less energy than current televisions.

No information on release date, prices or specifications was provided by the company, which does prompt cynics to question whether the concept will ever make it to actual living rooms. Last year, Samsung had also announced a 146-inch modular display.

Samsung did not say when the devices would be on sale or for how much. The Hisense 75U9F is a 75-inch Quantum Dot screen with Android TV, 1,000 local dimming zones and a peak brightness of 2,200 nits.