Wisconsin kidnapping, killing suspect lived under the radar


Jake Patterson, 21, allegedly shot and killed Jayme's parents.

"At this time, nothing in this case shows the suspect knew anyone at the Closs home or at any time had contact with anyone in the Closs family", Fitzgerald said.

"The suspect had specific intentions to kidnap Jayme and went to great lengths to prepare to take her", said Fitzgerald. Jayme was believed to be home during the incident but was nowhere to be found during the investigation.

According to a neighbor, Patterson's parents moved away but the two sons continued to use the home.

A gun that's consistent with a weapon used during the October crime scene was also located, however authorities are awaiting official confirmation from the state crime lab, Fitzgerald said. Investigators are trying to determine whether he worked at another job in the area.

The area where Jayme was eventually found is a remote community with around 30 homes near the Eau Claire River, the Star Tribune reported.

Shortly before 1 a.m. on October 15, 911 dispatchers got a call on which they could hear a lot of yelling, but the call log does not say who made the call. When the dispatcher called back, a voicemail greeting indicated the phone belonged to Denise Closs, 46. Once the police arrived and confirmed her identity, they left with Jayme. Thousands of volunteers had been searching for her for weeks.

"We don't really know what shape she's in", he added.

Authorities said Jayme was skinny, disheveled and wearing shoes too big for her when she approached a stranger and pleaded for help Thursday in the small north woods town of Gordon, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) from her hometown of Barron.

A woman who has a cabin nearby was walking along the isolated road when she saw Jayme on the cold evening, just about dusk, without a coat or gloves.

Jayme Closs 13 managed to escape a remote cabin where she had been held against her will after her parents were killed
Jayme Closs 13 managed to escape a remote cabin where she had been held against her will after her parents were killed

Jayme has been described as "medically cleared", although Sheriff Fitzgerald was unable to comment on whether the youngster had endured any abuse while being held captive.

Teacher Kristin Kasinskas was at her home, in Gordon, Wisconsin, on Friday when a neighbour started frantically knocking on her door.

"Everybody has been praying for her and I think no matter where you go it's always a little chatter", said Jim Helman, who works at Tru Value.

Roseanna Forcum and her friend, 21-year-old April Nicole Geyer, disappeared after attending a party in St. Paul in mid-August 1998.

"I'm just happy that she's safe".

"Call 911!" the dog walker told Kasinskas.

Additionally, authorities "don't believe there was a social media connection" between Closs and Patterson and are working to figure out "how he became aware of Jayme", Fitzgerald said. "She said she did not know him". Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said he was unemployed when officers arrested him.

Jake Thomas Patterson, of Gordon, Wisconsin, was arrested Thursday on homicide and kidnapping charges. She spoke with WTVF about how the news of someone else's daughter coming home feels while her daughter is still missing.

"Jayme was the hero in the case". James Kuffel, the township's lone constable, said he knows nearly everyone in the area but has never encountered the Pattersons.