2 More Child Deaths Linked to Flu — CDC


The state's epidemiologist, Patsy Kelso, said that a recent rise in flu cases is typical and will continue for the next few weeks.

Eighteen people have lost their lives in Greece due to complications from the flu during the current winter flu season.

The 2017-2018 flu season had 185 reported child deaths nationwide and about 80 percent of those kids didn't receive a flu shot.

But some workplaces have been reporting an unseasonal spate of staff calling in sick with flu-like illnesses, after a relatively mild season last winter. Jamie Dukes with the Oklahoma Health Department says hospitalizations are 522 statewide, with 22 fatalities reported since the flu season began in September.

Officials are encouraging residents to get the flu vaccine, wash their hands frequently and try to avoid contact with others if experiencing cold or flu symptoms.

In North Dakota, 1,810 laboratory-identified cases of influenza have been reported this season to the health department, with a lot of them being children under the age of 10.