5-year-old girl rescued from collapsed building in Turkey


A top Turkish official says emergency teams are still "receiving sounds" suggesting signs of life from the under the rubble and are working to reach possible more survivors from the collapsed building. At least one person has died while three of those injured have been rescued.

There were 14 apartments and a total of 43 residents in the building, which was originally built 27 years ago.

As rescuers worked through the mountain of shattered concrete and twisted metal, which also crushed several nearby vehicles, they found a survivor on Thursday, a five-year-old girl.

"We will work without interruption until the search and rescue operation is complete", Yerlikaya, the governor, told reporters.

Rescue workers try to remove rubble from an eight-storey building which collapsed a day earlier in Istanbul, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019.

Police, ambulances and firefighters raced to the scene in the Kartal district of Turkey's largest city and pulled three people of the rubble.

Surveillance camera footage of the moment of collapse which was shown on Turkish television showed people fleeing in terror as the building disintegrated, leaving a huge cloud of dust.

Officials have not said how many more people are believed to be caught in the debris.

Four of the 13 people rescued are listed in critical condition, Anadolu reported.

The building in the mostly residential Karkal district collapsed on Wednesday.

"Provincial authorities are in the process of identifying them and. action will be taken against buildings that carry risks", he said.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya went on to reveal that the ground floor of the structure has a textile workshop too, but this has been operating illegally since it has no license.