Charges say suspect fired 5 times at school bus windshield


A St. Paul man has been charged with attempted murder for shooting a Minneapolis school bus driver following a freeway collision on Tuesday.

CCTV video of the freaky incident shows Lilly, who is from the city of St. Paul, driving ahead of the bus in slow traffic on a snowy road.

The victim was shot in the head in an incident witnessed by a pupil sitting in the rear of the vehicle near downtown Minneapolis. That's when he steps from his vehicle and walks back to the school bus and begins shooting into the windshield. "The words to describe what went on here, we nearly run out of ways to describe this".

On Thursday, prosecutors charged him with attempted murder and assault with a risky weapon.

Investigators say Lilly fired five rounds from a semi-automatic 9-millimeter pistol. The bus driver was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

"The filing of the complaint tells you that we do not believe there was a self-defense claim based upon the evidence we have received so far", Chief Deputy Hennepin County Attorney David Brown told reporters.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation released footage Wednesday of a suspected gunman shooting at a school bus driver in an apparent road-rage incident on Tuesday. Orange paint was observed on Lilly's sedan.

Lilly was wearing a security guard's uniform at the time of the shooting.

The driver told Lilly he could not come in because there was a child onboard.

"These bullets travel an bad long way and the thought that another innocent bystander is hit by one of these bullets just scares everybody", Brown said.

The complaint does not elaborate as to why Lilly might have feared for his safety.

The student on the bus was not injured. Prosecutors are requesting his bail be set at $500,000.