Could R. Kelly Be Barred From Touring in Australia?


The announcement comes after Kelly was slated to perform in New Zealand late previous year, however, Kelly later came out saying the announcement was "fake".

A tweet from Kelly's Twitter account about touring New Zealand has been deleted.

The R&B singer, who has faced fresh allegations of sexual abuse which he denies, received condemnation after tweeting on Tuesday (February 5) that he planned to tour across Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Seeing as the announcement didn't have any dates or venues - just "coming soon" - it's hard to know whether any venues were even booked for the tour. Flamingo Dreamz has previously toured Ciara, Fatman Scoop, Ja Rule and more.

R. Kelly announced an worldwide tour via his social media channels Tuesday, posting a now-deleted image of himself saying the "King of R&B" would be "coming soon" to Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. Most infamously, Kelly was charged with child pornography in 2000 after a video surfaced that purported to show him having sex with an underage woman (Kelly was cleared in 2008 after that woman declined to testify against him). Years of concerns about his conduct with young women were recently reignited by the Lifetime docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly."

The grassroots #MuteRKelly campaign has had some success in its goal of effectively ending Kelly's career; although his music is still available on Spotify, it is no longer promoted to users.

Several collaborations involving Kelly have been pulled from streaming services while Sony BMG, the parent company of the singer's record label, parted ways with the musician.

In the past, the Australian government has refused visas to people based on certain "character requirements", Australian news site, 10 Daily, reports.

A Department of Home Affairs spokesperson said the department did not comment on individual cases.

"A person can fail the character test for a number of reasons, including but not limited to where a non-citizen has a substantial criminal record or where their conduct represents a risk to the Australian community", a department spokesperson told 10 daily previous year.