ENW restores power to 17000 customers as Storm Erik hits


Recently a video went viral which showed a pilot perform a flawless "TOGA.' The incident happened in Heathrow Airport near London where a British Airways flight aborted landing due to strong winds caused by Storm Erik".

An aircraft flying from Hyderabad to London's Heathrow Airport canceled a landing attempt right after touching down on the runway, and went back up in the air again.

The unsettled weather is expected to remain in parts of the United Kingdom over the weekend, with Northern Ireland and Scotland set to experience more strong winds and rainfall on Saturday. It has now landed safely at Manchester.

Wind speeds are dropping across the country as Storm Erik moves off, eastwards, towards Wales and the British Midlands. A similar incident also occurred in Devon, with a heavy tree crushing an Alfa Romeo and killing the man inside it.

One man died after a tree fell on his auto in Devon on Friday morning.

'It's going to be another very windy one, particularly across northern England, Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern Wales.

"But Erik could bring the possibility of 70mph gusts along more exposed coasts".

However, the snow is expected to clear on Sunday, with a few blustery showers following it.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds on Saturday covering much of Wales, central and northern England and southern Scotland.

"We may see snow to low levels with nights below zero, although it's too early to say how low temperatures will go".

The warning of high winds gusting at up to gale force will last for the whole of Cornwall and all but the very North East of Devon - over Exmoor - until 8pm today.