Florida Man Dances His Way to DUI Arrest During Sobriety Test


A Florida man was arrested for driving under the influence after he appeared to be dancing during a field sobriety test as shown on a deputy's body cam Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials from Holiday, Florida released video of DUI suspect Christopher Ryan Larson, 33, while warning that though it may seem amusing, driving under the influence comes with serious, and potentially deadly consequences.

Deputies said Larson also blew into a breathalyzer where he got a reading of 0.28 BAC. A breath sample showed his blood alcohol content was 0.28.

After the Sheriff's deputies woke him up, Larson got out of the vehicle, which rolled forward and narrowly missed one of the officers. Inside was Christopher R. Larson, 33, of Trinity, asleep at the wheel with his foot on the brake, according to the affidavit.

At one point in the tests, Larson was instructed to walk heel-to-toe across a piece of tape stretched out on the ground. Police say they spotted a truck parked with its brake lights on in front of a closed business.

Larson also told police he was in Clearwater, 20 miles away from where he actually was. When ordered out of the vehicle, he got out - but since it was still in drive it began to roll forward.

Deputies had Larson perform a field sobriety test, but he appeared disoriented and didn't follow directions.

The deputy asks Larson if he is 'complete with the exercise, ' but he just mumbles and continues his shuffle.

Larson told FOX 13 he would not call what he did dancing and declined to comment further.

At that time, Larson seemed disorientated and waved to the police officer, the arrest report says.