Google Reportedly Planning Cheaper Smartphone to Bring Users into Its Ecosystem


Google is reportedly planning to expand its Made by Google line of products with a couple of new devices later this year.

The Nikkei Asian Review's sources also reported that new smart speakers, wearables and web cameras will be arriving this year (as well as the premium Pixel 4 too of course). Where Google's Nexus phones offered cheaper price points and endless customization, the iPhone was expensive and locked down. The Google Pixel family has grown in terms of market share over the past year by approximately 0.13-percent, the source says, citing IDC.

Nikkei Asian Review, which was been accurate with some Google-related rumours and reports in the past, is today reporting that not only will Google be releasing the new budget Pixel 3 Lite phones but also some other interesting hardware.

The Pixel "Lite," if it ends up with that name, has leaked like a sieve. It is rumoured to host a 5.6 inch IPS Full HD+ display.

The company is also expected to launch the new Pixel 4 line later this year. In addition, we know it plans to release its flagship Pixel phone. The list includes Google Pixel watch at the top spot. It's not clear what's expected to change on the new Home speaker, however.

Google allegedly isn't stopping at a new Pixel-branded smartwatch and "Lite" smartphone to drive up the use of the Google product and service ecosystems, either. The bumper report from Nikkei suggests the Google-owned security camera range will be rebranded to sit alongside the Pixel smartphone, Pixel Watch, PixelBook, and Pixel Slate tablet. Moreover, it's unconfirmed whether it will come with a wholly new smart speaker or will be an updated version of the old Home products. The sources claim that the new hardware direction from the company has been behind Google's hiring activity all the way back to its deal with HTC in 2017. While we've figured Google had some first-party smartwatch in the works since a job listing went up last week, Nikkei's report seems to indicate there's more than one on the way, or at least being worked on.