Invasion of the polar bears


Residents of the island settlement are afraid to leave their homes.

Authorities in the remote Novaya Zemlya islands, in the Russian Arctic, have declared a state of emergency after dozens of polar bears began entering homes and buildings, and attacking people.

The state of emergency was declared February 9 due to the "mass invasion of polar bears in residential areas", said Alexander Minayev, deputy head of the Novaya Zemlya administration, in a statement. Scientists have long warned that the shrinking sea ice in the Arctic poses a direct threat to the bears, and increases the likelihood of encounters with humans.

Why are they coming? . Russian news agency TASS reported at least 52 polar bears had been spotted roaming near the town of Belushya Guba and they've been slowly collecting around the area since December.

Polar bears have made themselves at home in the remote Russian town of Belushya Guba.

Scenes caught on video of polar bears that had come ashore, grunting and strolling through the 2,000-person settlement, suggested a dramatic symbol of climate change.

Estimates put the worldwide population of polar bears at 26,000.

According to the archipelago administration, there has never been such a massive invasion of polar bears before. As green house gas emissions warm the globe and prompt the melting of sea ice, polar bears are forced to continue their pursuit of sustenance on land. However, in the arctic towns open dump, the bears have an outdoor buffet.

So far, there are 26,000 estimated population of polar bears worldwide. They will no doubt stay in town until they have eaten everything they can.

If no other means can be found to scare off the bears, a cull could be the only answer. "They migrate through Novaya Zemlya heading north, where the ice is solid", Ilya Mordvintsev, a lead researcher at the Severtsev Institute of Ecology and Evolution, told TASS.

No word yet on whether the town has tried banning Coca-Cola as a solution. "All the windows and doors have been covered up with metal bars to keep all the animals out".