Mars One Fizzles Into Bankruptcy After Promising A New Life In Space


A sharp-eyed Redditor found documentation from January of this year indicating that Mars One Ventures, the company behind Mars One, a controversial Martian colonization project, has been declared bankrupt by a Swiss Civil Court.

'Mars One has a very innovative business model combining branding and media rights with the increasingly popular topic of space exploration, ' chief executive Oscar Christian said at the time. The development of space ships for the delivery of colonists to Mars and the construction of their residential modules and life support systems was carried out by private contractors. A user posted a link to financial documents suggesting that Mars One was set to be liquidated. "For the execution of the actual voyage to Mars, the company will continue to seek strategic collaboration with renowned companies and organizations involved with the travel to Mars", it now says.

Mars One's timelines were continually evolving, as well.

For applicants such as Heidi Beemer, a young U.S. Army officer who made it to one of Mars One's final rounds, the chance to live and die on Mars was the answer to a long-held quest. The company goes on to explain that it's going to "redirect its focus" and attempt to actually make good on its claims of a manned Mars mission. Among the many scandalous details, that report claimed that just 2,761 people had applied to Mars One-a far cry from the claimed number in the tens and eventually hundreds of thousands.

Describing its potential astronauts, Mars One said it was looking for people who are "intelligent, creative, psychologically stable and physically healthy".

After defending the scam claim in early 2015, CEO Bas Lansdorp and the Mars One project essentially went quiet and now we know why. Matter likewise discovered that Mars One's process for choosing these candidates was questionable.