Miami police release video of woman’s abduction


Moments later the now unidentified pair emerge from the shop in a struggle, with the man's arms clasped around the woman's chest as she appears to be in a state of distress.

Police in Miami have released surveillance video of a possible abduction.

"She told me, 'Call 911, '" the witness said.

Norfolk Police say around 7 p.m. on February 8, the woman was crossing the intersection of Wide and Henry Streets when a silver or grey Nissan Altima hit her. The footage shows a man bundling a woman into a white auto, believed to be a Nissan Altima. "She told me, 'He's going to kill me'". That's when the witness saw the man arrive and grab the victim.

A short time later a man pulls up. So he put her on the driver's seat.

"We don't know the whereabouts of this young lady".

"We're asking anyone with any information in regards to this abduction, this kidnapping, please come forward with any and all information", Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz said. He continued and stated that "this is someone's daughter, this is someone's sister, someone's family member". A partial tag number is either CFJ7 or CJF7, according to investigators.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact Miami police.