New Trailer for ‘Anthem’ Reveals Endgame Loot, Challenges, Strongholds, and More


Finding gear will be key, but players will also need to craft to stay ahead of the pack in the more hard missions.

Echoes of Reality is also only the first step for Anthem, with BioWare promising at least two more Acts after the Anthem live service content begins to come in at March. That includes daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, contracts offered by NPCs, freeplay, and strongholds, "the highest-level challenges in the game" that will require a team to complete. Alternatively, once the player finishes the main story the first time around, they can up the difficulty of the entire game for another go. Players will also have access to Contracts.

BioWare's Anthem is yet to release but surprisingly we already know that your save files will carry over to next-gen consoles like the PS5 from Sony and next Xbox from Microsoft. Anthem's instructional spreadsheet shown below was released towards the end of January and broke down how people can play the game either at its full release or at an earlier date. Those are called Grandmaster 1, Grandmaster 2, and Grandmaster 3. These lead to narrative developments, including: "new locations, gameplay features, character interactions, and more".

After you've ventured deep into the world of Anthem, mastered their abilities and gone toe-to-toe with terrifying enemies, their journey will only be getting started.

Anthem will feature six levels of difficulty, three of which unlock only in the post game. Different objectives net you crafting blueprints and materials to create the powerful equipment described in blueprints. Legendary Contracts will also be made available for players hungry for more hard, multi-part adventures. Contracts will allow players to increase their reputation with different factions, granting them access to crafting blueprints. These world events cause physical changes to the world like extreme weather, deluges of hostile creatures, and changes to the landscape that will reveal new mysteries to solve. It's rather vague, but you can see these in the images embedded above.