Super Bowl 53: Great auto ads from a record-breaking game


The spots trolled rival brands that use corn syrup. And in Bud Light's Game of Thrones commercial, you lose, get your skull cracked and then get burnt by a dragon.

After a lackluster offensive performance by the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams in the first half, Bud Light provided at least some fireworks in the second half.

Bud Light's Super Bowl campaign called out competitors that use corn syrup - and the corn lobby is not happy about it. This was reported by none other than The Washington Post, who claimed to have not known about Khashoggi's Qatar ties when it published him and turned him into a martyr upon his death - likely because journalists from another outlet started asking questions and the Post wanted to paint the information in the most positive light possible.

When Bud Light unveiled the new ingredients label, which will be seen on its cartons starting this month, Bud Light Vice President, Marketing Andy Goeler told Marketing Daily: "As the leading brand in the category, we believe increasing on-pack transparency will benefit the entire beer category and provide our consumers with the information they expect to see".

Bud Light wasn't at the center of the only controversy during Super Bowl LIII, but the beer did manage to stir up some outrage during the big game.

The Bud Light crew goes full "Lord of the Kings" and travels across the land to deliver the corn syrup to Miller Lite.

And MillerCoors responded with a comparison of its own. "We're also proud that none of our products include any high fructose corn syrup, while a number of Anheuser-Busch products do".

"How is Bud Light now producing more Game of Thrones content than George R.R. Martin?"