Super Snow Moon, 2019’s Biggest Supermoon, Lights Up The Sky


It's when the full moon is closest to the earth, and according to EarthSky, this February full moon reaches its exact full phase closer to the time of perigee than any other full moon this year.

February's full moon is known as the "snow moon" as a result of the heavy snowfall that often occurs at that time of year, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

February's Super Snow Moon is the second of three lunar spectacles that Irish stargazers have been treated to this year.

The moon will appear especially full and large tonight over Australia, so you'll want to make sure you are ready for it.

This year's first supermoon occurred on January 21, and there is another one happening on March 31. Well, tonight's moon is something to get excited about because it will be at its biggest and brightest, appearing almost 14 percent larger and nearly 30 percent brighter than a typical moon.

"To be honest, the full moon is not the best time to view the moon through a telescope", Caldwell admits.

For some viewers, snow will prevent clear views of the snow moon. When the moon is opposite the Earth, so that it's fully reflecting the sun's light, those of us on the Blue Planet see a full moon.

Many astronomy enthusiasts and photographers flocked to Bedok Jetty on Tuesday, and had their cameras pointed the sky, even before the supermoon was visible from about 7.30pm.

The moon's rotation around the Earth is not in a flawless circle.

In the United Kingdom, the moon will be closest to earth at 9.06am, but at that time you probably won't be able to see it as the sun will be up. Another total lunar eclipse won't be sighted until May 2021.

When Can We See the 'Snow Moon?'

The "snow moon" is one of three "supermoons" in 2019, which means the moon will appear about 10 percent larger than average.

Apart from all the scientific facts, there is also an abundance of weather folklore about the moon, be it the shape, color or its position in the sky.

He said he stayed past 9pm to admire the moon set against the changing colour of the sky, while sipping some wine.

Top Image: Supermoon behind the quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin; published onSeptember 28, 2015.