Tiger found, taken from southeast Houston home


"Finding a forever home for a tiger is not easy", said Krahn, who is now caring for six exotic animals at a cost of more than $1million.

"There was no concern about the tiger getting out of the cage", Cottingham said by telephone on Tuesday.

A BARC Animal Shelter crew responded to the home with the Houston police's Major Offender Animal Cruelty Unit and tranquilized the tiger, nicknamed "Tyson" by rescuers after the famous scene in The Hangover featuring boxer Mike Tyson's tiger.

After a neighbor contacted 311 anonymously, police and BARC were alerted to a report of a tiger inside a southeast Houston home.

Despite being relatively calm for a tiger in its situation, it had to be tranquilised so animal rescue officers could get it out of the house safely.

The female tiger was found in a cage with several packets of meat.

BARC officers found the tiger on Monday.

An anonymous tip from a "concerned citizen" led to the discovery of a tiger at a vacant home in Houston, Texas, US.

The tiger was insufficiently housed and left alone, but police said it was well-fed and appeared to be healthy. "More often than not it gets big, it gets expensive, it gets risky, and they end up turning the animal in or abandoning it".

There is an ongoing investigation into who owns the house and how the tiger got in there, she said.

Houston Zoo told KPRC-TV it did not have the resources to give the animal a home.

"Fewer than 3,500 tigers of all tiger subspecies remain in the wild today, according to the Tiger Conservation Campaign".