Toro Rosso to use year-old Red Bull parts in 2019


"The aim is to always improve in order to compete at the highest possible level and this winter we have worked intensively to bring a few organisational changes, which we hope will help smooth a few issues we experienced in the past", said team principal Franz Tost.

The senior Red Bull team will also be powered by Honda this year, opening up more opportunities for Toro Rosso to share certain parts under the FIA's "listed parts" regulations.

Red Bull's junior team are this year taking advantage of new rules allowing teams to buy parts from rivals.

The most visible changes to the vehicle from last year's are those mandated by 2019's new technical regulations, including a wider, simplified front wing, smaller barge boards and a higher, wider rear wing.

Toro Rosso finished ninth in the constructors' championship past year and achieved a best result of fourth place in the Bahrain Grand Prix thanks to Pierre Gasly. Earlier, Haas F1 were the first team to showcase their auto and now, Toro Rosso have joined the party. However there were encouraging signs of potential in the Toro Rosso-Honda package, such as Pierre Gasly's excellent fourth place in Bahrain, and the team's sixth and seventh on the grid at Suzuka when Honda introduced a significant power unit upgrade.

"He had to live through a hard time when he joined us again in 2016 - it was psychologically tough, but no one has ever doubted his driving skills. I strongly believe he deserves another chance in Formula 1". However, the sidepod inlets have also been revised from last year's STR13 and now follow the design trend led by Ferrari in recent years.

But the Russian was quick to play down any talk of his own personality, commenting: "I don't want to say whether I've changed or not".

Albon, who raced in Formula Two past year, said he would be taking the season step by step and not setting any long-term goals either.

Albon, who was born in London, said: "It's a big deal for me to be a Thai driver".

He added: "I never set any goals on anything".

"If you start setting long-term goals, you just put unnecessary pressure on yourself".