Ethiopian Airlines: Boeing 737 Max crash relatives offered earth for ceremony


Experts say it is too soon to know what caused the crash, but aviation authorities worldwide have grounded Boeing's 737 Maxes, as concerns over the plane caused the company's share price to tumble by around 10 per cent. Engineers are making changes to the system created to prevent an aerodynamic stall if sensors detect that the jet's nose is pointed too high and its speed is too slow.

With heightened global scrutiny, the head of Indonesia's transport safety committee said a report into the Lion Air crash would be speeded up for release in July or August. An airline industry official told The Associated Press that Boeing has indicated it is more likely to be two to four weeks.

Boeing executives and technical experts briefed pilots at USA airlines that fly the Max in November about the plane, less than a month after the Lion Air crash.

Boeing is expected to finalize a software fix for that system within a week to 10 days, sources familiar with the matter said earlier on Saturday.

In a statement, Boeing said it had "full confidence" in the plane.

French aviation experts on Friday began work on the heavily damaged black boxes from Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines disaster.

"All airlines in the world should be well aware of the problem", Krause said.

Analysts think Boeing can overcome both if the company convinces regulators relatively quickly that the problems with the plane and its flight-control software, and there are no more accidents.

Air Canada was forced to cancel 52 flights as of Thursday afternoon because of the decision to ground the Max 8s.

Despite Boeing and USA airlines insisting the planes were safe to fly, the FAA grounded the planes Wednesday. Meanwhile, the investigation into a cause is well underway.

Experts say pilots typically ask to climb when experiencing problems near the ground in order to gain margin for maneuver and avoid any hard terrain.

Air Canada and United Airlines on Friday became the first major carriers in North America to warn of negative financial implications to business as a outcome of the grounding of the Boeing planes.

Canada's biggest carrier Air Canada suspended its 2019 financial forecasts, while United Airlines, the No. 3 USA carrier, said it would see an adverse effect on its operations if the jets remained grounded heading into the peak summer travel season. "And I would put it on the airlines at this juncture to have better trained and better explained to the pilots get them the training they need so that this problem didn't occur again". Southwest experienced a bookings decline last year fall after one person was killed by a piece of engine debris on a flight last year.