Experts Warn That Apple AirPods May Be Health Hazardous


Scientists say the type of electromagnetic frequency radiowave (EMF) that transmit data through the devices can cause serious health issues.

Now, scientists calling for more oversight and warnings for all manner of radiowave-based technologies are particularly concerned over the intensity and proximity of Bluetooth radiation to the human ear canal and brain.

Hundreds of scientists from the US and around the world filed an global appeal with the United Nations calling for consumer protection from non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) created by Apple AirPods and other wireless headphones.

Neither Apple's AirPods nor any other wireless headphone product was mentioned in the petition, and one researcher says riling people up with scary headlines doesn't do any good. Cell phone exposure experts are disappointed that there is no research on what this activity could do to the human brain.

The white toothbrush-heads of Apple's Airpods have become an iconic new technology, and are to be seen everywhere this year, having sold 28 million worldwide.

But the new petitions' authors warn that even these guidelines could be unsafe - and much more research is needed.

Wireless earphones could be releasing potentially carcinogenic radiation into the heads of the users, finds a new study.

As many as 250 researchers have appealed to the World Health Organization and UN member nations, drawing their attention to the harm even minimal electromagnetic waves were scientifically found to cause in humans, including an increase in free radicals and cellular damage, demanding that the global medical watchdog should come up with more protective guidelines.

The debate may still be on regarding whether or not particular devices can cause cancer, what cannot be denied are the emerging studies on the kind of radiofrequency radiation that they all emit, including bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi transmissions showing them to have very real links to cancer. It goes on to say that the risk of cancer, neurological disorders, and DNA damage that have been associated with EMF exposure can not be ignored. Bluetooth technology uses low-power radio waves.

Jerry Phillips, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado said that wireless headphones pose a particular concern due to the fact they're worn in the ear canal.

EMF is a form of radiowave similar to - but not as powerful or risky as - X-rays or UV.

The petition signed by the scientists notes that children are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF.