Google Chrome Lite Pages extended to HTTPS pages as well


Google " s Chrome Lite Pages, which help improve the loading time for pages have been extended to "HTTPS' or the secure pages well, from HTTP.

Android Q has finally arrived in its initial testing phases via Beta 1 and one of the biggest expected features, a system-wide dark mode, seems to have arrived in an nearly entirely dysfunctional state. Chrome 73's dark mode on Mac looks quite similar to the browser's native incognito mode. In the latest release of its web-based operating system, that's Chrome 73, the company has enabled dark mode, which turns webpages and elements of the browser itself black. Developers can now let users play, pause, and skip tracks or other playlist media using buttons on their keyboard or other connected hardware, even when the media is being played in the background.

Users can tap the indicator to see more information and to access an option to load the original version of the page, which would be the full version. For some users, the feature seemed turned on automatically when the Beta 1 firmware was installed while others - including Pixel users at Android Headlines - noted that the setting to activate it or deactivate it was nowhere to be found. The update will also include a redesigned download history page that lets users filter their download history by file type.

Finally, as Chrome 73 adds progressive web app support to the macOS version of Chrome, and developers can now add badge API to web apps for desktop browsers so that notifications alerts (such as unread notifications) can be displayed over the app's icon from Chrome's home page.

The stable Chrome 73 update is now rolling out on all compatible platforms and will soon reach users across the globe over the course of the next few weeks. The release notes promise that the "Windows support is on the way".