Google Play Store Has Received a New Update


Android users who've downloaded at least one of 210 hugely popular apps may have exposed their smartphones to adware that could become a much larger problem in the future. A new report has come out to show that two-thirds of all these apps don't work as advertised - they're all frauds.

Researchers have found an adware in 206 Android apps that have 150 million downloads at the Google Play Store.

Only 80 apps detected more than 30% of the malware the company tested the apps with. You can slip malware past these apps by using a package name like "" because the beginning is the same as Google's apps.

Just as it should, Google is always changing Android in order to harden it not just against hackers but also against unscrupulous app developers. According to Check Point, the developers of the apps in question may have duped into using the Software Development Kit or SDK that has the adware. The app icons on Play Store for Android users have been of varied shapes. "Similarly, the number of downloads can only be a very rough guide; a successful scam app may be downloaded many times before it is found to be a scam". Google says that it wants to "provide a more unified and consistent look and feel for Google Play", which it says will provide a "higher quality user experience". Things are the same when it comes to app security; Google has taken the steps needed to make sure apps aren't misbehaving through Google Play Protect, which monitors the apps on your phone independently of the operating system. AV-Comparatives is recommending that consumers ought to be vigilant and use only products of well-known vendors.

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Some apps would even block themselves, in instances when the devs would forget to whitelist themselves.

Many of these apps are created with the same developer making some of them have a similar interface instead of showing a fully running malware scanner. That means you'll be able to change up bokeh and depth styles in various other apps, if you so choose.

So now people have to go through the list of applications and remove them to get rid of the malware, so get busy all you players of Beard mustache hairstyle changer Editor (over one million downloads amazingly).

Some apps or features within an app may only need location while the app is being used. Majority reduce the efficiency of your phone, consume a lot of battery, annoy you with notifications and take up a lot of your storage.