Hulu & Spotify Team Up to Offer a $9.99 Bundle


Reducing the two's price by the aforementioned $3 makes it even harder for Apple to catch up to the music streaming market's uncontested champion.

But that might not last long. Hulu does require access to Spotify account details and playlists as part of the integration.

Spotify already had a good thing going by bundling Spotify Premium and Hulu for $12.99 each month.

In total, it's worth nearly $72 in saved subscription fees over the course of a year. Users who are already on the aforementioned $12.99 plan will automatically get the new $9.99 rate, while new users can sign up through Spotify's Your Services page.

Previously, you could choose to pay $9.99 every month for a "standard" Spotify Premium subscription or an extra 3 bucks to get access to Hulu's entry-level service tier as well.

There are some caveats. If new subscribers have an existing Hulu account, they're still eligible for the promotion if they switch billing to Spotify and don't have add-ons on Hulu. USA streams of Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" and the Dusty Springfield classic "I Only Want to Be with You" rose 86 percent and 127 percent, respectively, the week after the songs were played in season 2 episodes last summer.

In the official announcement made on Spotify's blog, the streaming service called attention to the surge in popularity the songs experienced after being featured in episodes of Hulu's content.

Will you be cashing in on the joint subscription?