Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to mobile games on iOS and Android


Xbox Live will be a major component of the Microsoft Game Stack, along with DirectX, Visual Studio, Azure, and PlayFab, the backend service for building and operating live games that Microsoft acquired back in January 2018. Microsoft didn't announce which partners (if any) would be using Xbox Live on mobile devices, however, and considering third-party support on Windows-based phones and tablets was pretty weak, it remains to be seen whether or not developers will actually use it.

Thursday (March 14), the company behind Xbox revealed that it's opening up its Xbox Live online gaming network to Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The company made the news through its GameStack blog aimed at software developers, as Microsoft will depend on developers to implement these tools into iOS and Android games using its brand new GameStack software developer kit, or SDK.

Starting today, Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to additional platforms.

So, it's entirely possible that Microsoft is working toward Xbox Live integration for Nintendo Switch, but that it's simply not yet ready for announcement.

What this announcement makes no mention of is Nintendo Switch support for Xbox Live, which was mentioned in Microsoft's initial tease of the GDC 2019 panel discussion regarding this Xbox Live expansion. Why?

"We believe so strongly in community, and Xbox Live really being at the heart of our gaming community", he commented. "Really uniting all those communities together with a consistent singular experience for those gamers".

Last month it was suggested that Microsoft was preparing to expand the reach of Xbox Live to include many more platforms, including those of its competitors. According to The Verge, this includes features like achievements, Gamerscore, friends lists, clubs, and family settings.