Mosque Massacre: A hate-fuelled attack on values that unite us all


New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, said the gunman meant to continue his attack if he hadn't been stopped.

New Zealand will ban semi-automatic weapons after the worst mass killing in the nation's history left 49 people dead and another 48 injured.

Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian citizen, appeared in a Christchurch District Court Saturday.

Speaking to reporters later, Ardern said the country's gun laws will change in the aftermath of the attack on Christchurch mosques by Brendon Terrant, the Aurtralia-born terrorist behind the carnage.

The third cricket test between New Zealand and Bangladesh, whose team were on a bus approaching one of the mosques with the attack underway, was canceled on Friday.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday called the massacre the work of an "extremist right-wing, violent terrorist".

"I want to send our condolences to those impacted by the heinous attacks in New Zealand", Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said in a statement released Friday.

Another victim of the Christchurch mosque attacks tried to wrestle the gunman's weapon off him in a desperate bid to save others, it has emerged.

It is a dark day for those who care about the law, acceptance and freedom of religion said Jeffrey Rosenthal, co-chairman of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

"The police don't have a clue how many guns there really are in New Zealand", said Philip Alpers, an Australia-based expert in gun laws and director of

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Australian Man Appears In Court On Murder Charge After Christchurch Attack

The attack on the Al Noor and Linwood mosques has been labelled terrorism by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and is thought to be the deadliest attack directed against Muslims in the West in modern times. Police are trying to determine to what extent, if any, they were involved in the attack.

"If this evil thinks we will stop going to our mosque here or stop doing our worship to our god, Allah, we never ever can not stop", Linwood mosque Imam Ibrahim Abdelhalim told reporters outside.

A woman reacts as she pays a tribute to victims of the mosque attacks outside Masjid Al Noor in Christchurch. Handcuffed and wearing a white prison suit, Tarrant did not speak. He did not request bail and was taken into custody until his next court appearance which is scheduled for April 5.

"When people, of course, hear that this individual had acquired a gun licence and acquired weapons of that range, then obviously I think people will be seeking change, and I'm committing to that", she said. They included a two-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl, who is in critical condition.

Condemning the terror strike, Ardern had described it as a "terror attack" and said it "appears to have been well planned".

The shooting, which took place at two mosques in Christchurch, has been called a "terrorist" act by the prime minister. We are a proud nation of more than 200 ethnicities and 160 languages.

Armed police patrol outside a mosque in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15, 2019.

Tarrant's relatives in the Australian town of Grafton, in New South Wales, contacted police after learning of the shooting and were helping with the investigation, local authorities said.

"While the country is relatively isolated, we have always been anxious New Zealand is a soft target and unfortunately our worries have turned into a reality".