Netflix now testing Rs 250 subscription plan for Indian users


We are well into the age of digital-based media, with Netflix being a huge success and Disney launching a rival service, so it would come as no surprise if Apple will wanted to throw its hat into the ring.

But a comparison with plans offered by other OTTs, Netflix's mobile only subscription plan still remains most expensive.

Apple is going full-tilt with services, but that makes sense.

In an earlier report, Moneycontrol had pointed out that "there are going to be more innovations".

Bloomberg say that Apple could discuss this new gaming service as soon as Monday the 25th, or they may leave it until their developers conference later in 2019. It's also begun producing original shows and movies there, some of which is available to worldwide viewers too.

Will a "Netflix for games" service work? Media websites such as WSJ will also be in the offering.

For one thing, India is a much larger market than Malaysia, where Netflix ran somewhat similar tests a few months back. In March, the spring event comes in as announcements for new service launches and future developments, the WWDC in June sees the announcement of new operating systems in beta mode for developers to test and develop new apps and software. It has also commissioned around 12 original series and 12 original local language films. There are rumors that it will cost less than a Netflix subscription - but which tier of Netflix subscription isn't clear. As ET notes, Amazon's Prime Video costs Rs 129 per month, while Hotstar's service costs Rs 199.

Not the least of this is probably due to the fact that Apple doesn't plan to have any original content available until later this year, however as we've already noted before, Apple likely isn't even trying to compete with Netflix, but instead to carve out its own unique place in a streaming landscape that's already dominated by established players. On the pricing front, Netflix's argument is interesting.

We're particularly interested in the upcoming gaming service. There will be a subscription fee here too, but Apple is said to aggregate content from various service providers and offer the same at cheaper prices, under a single subscription model.

"Apple's business model is essentially a subscription business model", Martin said. Do you think Apple is moving in the right direction with all of this? It will kick off tomorrow on March 25, at 10:00 am PT (Pacific Time), which translates to 10:30 pm IST (Indian Standard Time). But it would seem that the company's latest experiment is actually offering a lower price for its services. According to Bloomberg, Apple is creating a "premium games subscription" service for the App Store.

It would be impressive if Apple just offered all its services in one, like $20 (or £15 / AU$25) for everything including Apple Music, newspapers and magazines.