Northern Lights could extend into Michigan Saturday night


It looks like we might have a chance here in Rockford to see them this weekend.

Will the northern lights be visible in Pittsburgh this weekend?

There are also apps out there like My Aurora Forecast and Northern Lights Aurora Alerts.

With the geostorm warning, people in the Northern United States may be able to see the northern lights should the conditions allow it.

Clear, dark skies are most favourable, with little or no light pollution, so getting out of the towns and into the countryside is best for viewing - weather permitting, of course.

She added that the likelihood of seeing it depends on the weather with chances increased by being in Scotland.

When these charged particles hit Earth's atmosphere, they cause electrons to move to a higher energy state, and when they move back to a lower state, they release light, which just so happens to create the lovely spectacle we have come to know as the Northern and Southern Lights. Even the most generous forecast suggests that Maryland might just see a glow on the horizon, and that is probably only possible in rural areas with pitch-black skies.

What are the Northern Lights?

Some experts say late Friday night into early Saturday morning might be the best window of opportunity, and some say Saturday night could be good.

They can spread further south when the concentration of particles is higher, for instance following a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of plasma from the sun.

Variable amounts of cloud will build through the day but should break up after dark so there should be good clearer spells developing.