Philadelphia Eagles: Golden Tate to the Giants is a best-case scenerio


Tate is a reliable receiver who has shown what he can do in this league in the past.

On Thursday, per Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, the New York Giants have signed veteran wide receiver Golden Tate.

Tate fills a void the Giants had at the wide receiver position following their decision to trade star Odell Beckham the Cleveland Browns ahead of the official start of free agency on Wednesday.

No, the Giants look like they will be a really, really bad team again in 2019 and will continue to struggle to even sniff at the postseason until they can settle on a young, high upside corp to build around.

To me, the "Golden Tate"-era already feels like a weird fever dream of a team desperately attempting to return to the postseason despite having a deeply flawed roster".

Tate finished last season with the Philadelphia Eagles following his trade from the Detroit Lions.

Tate reportedly was seeking somewhere between $11-13 million a season, but the Giants were able to get Tate for reasonably less as he approaches his 10th season.

Originally drafted by the Seahawks, Tate had four straight seasons of at least 90 catches from 2014-17 with the Lions, topping 1,000 yards in three of those seasons.

One potential conflict? Tate played about 75 percent of his snaps in the slot over the last two seasons.

Let's be 100 percent real here, the Giants should be in full-on tank mode after trading Beckham.

Both Tate and Shepard have experience on the outside but will be playing outside of their strengths.