Record-breaking petition calls for Senator Fraser Anning’s removal from parliament


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants the independent senator to face "the full force of the law" over his comments the Islamic community was to blame for the New Zealand mosque massacre. What did Anning say about the Christchurch attack?

Footage from the event shows the teen approaching Fraser Anning with his phone held aloft, before cracking the egg, a moment that will live on forever in the annals of wild Aussie political shit.

Senator Fraser Anning was egged by a teenage boy during a press conference in Melbourne.

A spokesperson from Victoria Police told ABC a 17-year-old was arrested but was later released pending further investigation.

The teen, who hasn't been named, was led away by cops.

Australian Senator Fraser Anning's statement blaming the mass shootings in Christchurch on immigration and Islam is utterly contemptible and illogical, said Minister of Economic Affairs Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

"However, while this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence".

American actress Chelsea Peretti tweeted: "why did egg boy vid make me cry".

Anning swings two punches, with one managing to hit the young man's head.

Anning faced heavy backlash from the public and his fellow lawmakers for his comments linking Muslim immigration to the Christchurch mosque shooting, which killed 49 and wounded 42. Supporters have launched a GoFundMe "Money for EggBoi" page to raise funds for legal fees and "more eggs".

Without dissent, Canberra's opposition Labor party unilaterally stood with Morrison's conservative coalition government in speedily passing a motion of censure against Anning.

The KAP was initially punished for not denouncing Anning's "final solution" speech but eventually expelled him for the comments. "He should be, frankly, ashamed of himself", the Aussie premier was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, critics of Australia's far-right platforms have suggested that Anning's comments are motivated by a desire to secure a senatorial election in May. The incident happened when Anning was talking on camera and the video got captured on cameras. "This is the effect of the Islamophobic and racist hate", Dr Faruqi wrote last Friday in a message on Twitter.