Samsung Galaxy S10 face unlock fooled by 2D pictures


After failing to generate much excitement with the launch of the Galaxy S9 previous year, Samsung put all its eggs in the Galaxy S10 basket, cooking up an all-new design with a triple-lens camera, Infinity-O display, and a built-in fingerprint sensor. The new Galaxy S phones offer sleek new all-screen designs with trendy hole-punch cameras, exciting new features like an in-display fingerprint reader, big upgrades where power and camera performance are concerned, and plenty more.

The face recognition-based screen lock feature in the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be easily fooled using a photo or a video of the owner as shown by multiple reports coming from customers, experts and tech reviewers.

Models check out Galaxy S10 5G models in SK Telecom's ICT experience zone at the carrier's headquarters in Seoul on March 13, 2019.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 smartphones feature a redesigned bezel-less display with a cutout for the front-facing camera, although this new layout reportedly comes at the expense of facial recognition security. XDA developers found that the "davinci5G" was mentioned in the source code of the Galaxy S10 kernel. Those of you who are into large displays on phones, will be able to get a 6.7-inch curved Dynamic AMOLED display on the Galaxy S10 5G, once the device becomes available.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Recognition Can Easily Be Bypassed
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Additional information regarding the phone is scarce beyond this point.

Owing to positive market reactions to the latest Samsung phones, including record-high preorders in the United States, market watchers predict that total shipments of the 10th edition could amount to around 40 million for the entire year. The first is a simple fact that Davinci makes an appearance here. Samsung's upcoming new Galaxy Note 10 is expected to offer numerous best new features of the Galaxy S10 series, and more. You can probably see where we're going with this.

I expect that to hold although a 5G version of the Galaxy Note 10 to be closer to $2000 with a fully specced version, with 1TB of storage, 5G and 12GB of memory to give $3000 a nudge.