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It won't be long till both channels reach the 100 million mark on YouTube. At the beginning of 2018, T-Series became one of the fastest growing YouTube channels with 30 million subscribers. Later in the day, PewDiePie came back to take the lead with about 90.4 million subscribers compared to 90.396 million for India's music channel.

As of this writing, PewDiePie still leads the race but the margin is getting narrower. The channels subscription has grown by 80% compare to a year ago at 50 million.

This latest seesaw in subscriber count follows a weird incident, where the attacker involved in the New Zealand mass shootings urged in his Facebook live stream to "subscribe to PewDiePie".

What's more, PewDiePie's channel has been criticized for some of its content.

PewDiePie, however, was quick to isolate himself from the shooter, saying: "I feel absolutely sickened having my name uttered by this person. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone affected by this tragedy", he tweeted.

While PewDiePie may be ahead of T-series for now when it comes to the number of subscribers, it lags behind in terms of number views.

The YouTube channel of T-Series was launched on 13th March 2006.

T-Series becomes biggest You Tube channel beating PewDiePie
PewDiePie briefly lost his crown as the biggest YouTuber on the planet

T-Series is an Indian music record label and film production company. YouTuber Justin Roberts said he bought a $1 million Times Square billboard promoting PewDiePie, and creator Jimmy Donaldson (better known online as "MrBeast") created a almost 12-hour video in which he said "PewDiePie" 100,000 times. One fan even created a Twitter account, which sends alerts whenever the subscriber difference between the two drops below 10,000.

Social Blade, a website that contains subscriber predictions, projected that T-Series will gain 100 million subscribers by May 2019. At that moment, when the T-series first began to challenge the primacy of the Swedish star. Although for a short time but T-series did overtake PewDiePie and became YouTube's biggest channel.

However, it was tough for the Pewds army to get the YouTube channel on top with a subscriber gap of around 33,000.

PewDiePie is known for his opinion on gameplay videos and internet culture.

In the past, the YouTuber's fans had taken over printers, hijacked thousands of Chromecasts to spread the "subscribe to PewDiePie" message.

This is not the first time that Pewdiepie was dethroned though. On his part, Kjellberg released a video titled "My Response", wherein he apologised to those who were hurt by his jokes and comments while slamming the media for taking his jokes out of context.