Uh Oh, Looks Like Google's Hardware Team Might Be in Trouble


The stress on these being temporary roles suggests that Google could need them for other hardware work in the near future, though of course this could be working on Google's Android devices, Wear OS, Google Home or new areas.

Employees asked to transfer in the past two weeks include hardware engineers, technical program managers, and program manager supporters.

On the tablet side, however, things might get a bit messy since Google Pixel Slate didn't receive all the love even from enthusiasts.

Considering its origins in search and focus on advertising, Google is actually also responsible for a fair bit of hardware these days. We're glad to know that the employees involved are being reassigned to other projects within the company.

Today, the Create division is responsible for the Pixelbook laptop and Pixel Slate tablet amongst the company's wider swath of "Made by Google" products. Google hasn't offered any official comment on the matter or indicated that there are any plans to end either the Pixelbook or Pixel Slate product lines.

Manufacturing plans haven't been adjusted, however, which means that the products that Google plans to release in the short term wouldn't be affected by Google's restructuring. Instead, Google will likely invest more in Chrome OS software, while the company would continue to work with device manufacturers to build laptops running it. Most Chromebooks that are not manufactured by Google itself are much lower priced, like Samsung's Chromebook Plus which starts at $499. Unfortunately, this impressive performance doesn't extend to the company's tablets and laptops, and it now seems Google is taking action.

With the Pixel C, Google attempted to re-imagine what a portable 2-in-1 could be by designing a detachable tablet that connected to its keyboard dock via a tilting, magnetic flap that functioned sort of like a reverse kickstand. To be clear, the employees aren't being laid off; they are just being moved to different departments within Google or Alphabet, its parent company.