US's Philadelphia says no to totally cashless future


According to a Fortune report, published March 7, 2019, Philadelphia is poised to become the first major US city to ban and penalize stores and restaurants that do not accept cash as a means of payment.

Siding with the critics, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a motion last week banning stores in the city from enacting a cashless service.

They have given such stores and restaurants until the 1 of July 2019, to change their payment policies or be liable to fines as heavy as two thousand dollars.

Phil Murphy, a Democrat, declined to comment on whether he would sign it. MA has gone the farthest on the issue and is the only state that requires retailers to accept cash.

Amazon plans to open a chain of cashierless convenience stores across the country, but don't expect them in Philadelphia: the city has just signed off on legislation banning cashless stores.

Under the law, many transactions will be exempt, including those at parking lots and garages; businesses that sell goods through a membership model; rentals that require security deposits; online, telephone or mail-in transactions; and goods sold exclusively to employees. Philadelphia Councilman Bill Greenlee, who introduced the bill, said in a Tweet that almost 10% of Philly residents lack access to any credit. The New Jersey Legislature is set to follow suit while New York City, Washington and Chicago are all investigating similar measures. "It just seemed to me, if not intentional, at least a form of discrimination", Philadelphia Councilman William Greenlee told The Wall Street Journal.

Although the debate is still ongoing with the terms on the new law, one major company found this as an unfair process since their business were all out cashless and queue-less. Additional publications say New Jersey is also attempting to banish cashless stores.

Jeff Bezos' Amazon issued Philadelphia a warning for if the bill passed.